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Department of Cognitive Science

Head of the Department

dr hab. Adam Chuderski



Ph.D Students

mgr Łukasz Borowiecki
mgr Artur Gunia
mgr Jan Jastrzębski
mgr Rafał Michalczak
mgr Paweł Zięba


The Department of Cognitive Science gathers philosophers of mind, psychologists, IT specialists, and neuroscientists. Our interdisciplinary research, conducted in fully equipped laboratories: the Laboratory of Cognitive Processes and the Laboratory of Cognitive Engineering, focuses on human nature and artificial intelligence. The key research questions we ask are: “What is cognition?” and “How can it be effectively studied?”. The issues that we address in our research range from basic questions concerning the cognitive limitations of the mind and the mind-brain relation to the questions concerning specific cognitive processes and kinds of cognitive behaviour, such as perception, attention and awareness, categorization, memory, imagination, the acquisition and use of language, thinking, decision-making and action, as well as their neuronal underpinnings. We also focus in our research on human beings as embodied entities that experience emotions, share certain values and beliefs, communicate with other people and with machines, and are embedded in their social and cultural contexts. We develop formal models simulating cognitive processes and human behaviour, especially such models that are better than humans at solving certain problems. Applying knowledge of how the human mind functions, we develop manifold technologies, such as mobile devices, virtual reality or user interface, so as to make them more intelligible and easier to use. The beauty of cognitive science can be found in particular in the attempt to understand cognition from a numer of different research perspectives at the same time, as well as in a rich exchange of ideas and results between researchers representing diverse disciplines that constitute cognitive science.  

Scientific meetings (polish)


Department creator (polish)

Prof. dr hab. Jerzy Perzanowski (1943-2009)