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Department of Logic

Pracownia Logiki / Department of Logic

We are the only university department in the world that has its own domain name suffix.
.pl obviously stands for Pracownia Logiki

Breaking news

Viktor Traski, a Hungarian mathematician from Transcarpathia was awarded the Janos Arany Young Researcher Award by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. He could not give a complete lecture on quadratic φ-subGaussian random values and processes, because he volunteered for military service and is on the front now. Watch his acceptance speech here. At the end, he said

"I am confident that after these bad times of coronavirus and war there will be better, brighter times ahead, and then I will be able to personally thank you, give a live presentation and toast to new achievements. Best regards and best wishes from Eastern Ukraine."

If you cannot understand Hungarian, you may ask Zalan for a full translation.  


Dla studentów / For students

Here you will soon find course materials, exercises and whatnot. Watch this space, as advertisers say


Our primary research interests are: Philosophical Logic, Algebraic Logic, Model Theory. There will be more on it soon, so watch this space too.


Krakowska Konferencja Historii Logiki / Cracow Logic Conference (CLoC)

Is alive and kicking. And you guessed it: watch this space.

Video gallery

Acceptance speech of a Hungarian mathematician from Transcarpathia