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Modally rich metaphysical landscapes: Konstanz - Kraków workshop

event-date: 09.06.2017 - 10.06.2017
Place: Institute of Philosophy, Jagiellonian University, Room 28


Friday, June 9th, 2017

12–1pm Niels van Miltenburg: Manifestations as processes, powers as formal causes

1:10–2:10pm Dawa Ometto: Powers and emergence


4-5pm Jacek Wawer: Branching time and modal neutrality

5:10-6:10pm Katarzyna Kuś: Justification of modal beliefs—Sources and limits of knowledge on necessity and possibility

6:20-7:30pm Balázs Gyenis: Humean branching, objective modality for Humeans, and physical possibility as epistemic possibility


Saturday, June 10th, 2017

12–1pm Antje Rumberg: Time for powers

1:10–2:10pm Marius Backman: No time for powers


4-5pm Joanna Luc: Are different laws of nature necessary in different ways?

5:10-6:10pm Claudio Calosi Quantum indeterminacy

6:20-7:30pm Thomas Müller & Tomasz Placek: Branching space-times after 25 years: New foundations


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Modally-rich metaphysical landscapes: Konstanz - Krakow workshop

While the analytic philosophy was dominated in 20th century by neo-Humean analyses of  issues in metaphysics and the philosophy of science, the last two decades are seeing an increasing number of works that combine formal (or conceptual) rigor with the tenet of irreducibility of modal notions. To list some areas  of this development, they include:

- formal theories of real possibilities

- analyses of potencies and dispositions

- theories of modally-thick laws of nature

- theories of non-Humean chances

- modally-thick analyses of chancy causation

- modal issues in physics

- theories of incompatibilist agency.

The workshop aims at surveying the state of the art of this research, with a focus on formal approaches in particular. Organizers: Jacek Wawer,


Published Date: 24.05.2017
Published by: Anna Tomaszewska