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BIOUNCERTAINTY research seminar: Jonathan Anomaly, PhD - What’s Wrong with Factory Farming?

Date: 09.03.2020
Start Time: 17:30
Place: Institute of Philosophy, Grodzka 52, sala 25
Organiser: Interdisciplinary Centre for Ethics

We have the pleasure to invite you for a research seminar in the ‘BIOUNCERTAINTY’ research project. The subject of the seminar is 'What’s Wrong with Factory Farming?' and it will be delivered by Jonathan Anomaly (University of Pennsylvania). The seminar will take place on Monday, 9th of March, at 5:30pm in room 25 of the Institute of Philosophy, 52 Grodzka Street.

Factory farming continues to grow around the world as a low-cost way of producing animal products for human consumption. However, many of the practices associated with intensive animal farming have been criticized by public health professionals and animal welfare advocates. I'll argue that the costs of factory farming -- especially antibiotic resistance and zoonotic vial infections -- outweigh the benefits. I'll end by offering a few suggestions for how to improve the situation for animals and people.
 The seminar will be held in English.