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General Information

The Institute of Philosophy offers studies at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Below you will find the names of courses in English currently offered at the Institute. By clicking on the course title you will be directed to the course description in USOSWEB.

Bachelor's degree (Polish licencjat)


Cognitive Science  


Master's degree (Polish magister)


Cognitive Science

Doctoral studies


Courses in English

Dr hab. Krzysztof Guczalski, Philosophy of music

Dr Zalán Gyenis, Axiomatic set theory

                         Modal logic

Dr Bipin Indurkhya, prof. UJ, Cognitive, emotion and affective computing

                                          Cognitive science in technology

                                          Usability engineering

Dr Michał Klincewicz, Consciousness, perception, and time

Dr hab. Michał Ostrowicki (Sidey Myoo), Art and aesthetics in 20th and 21st century