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Information on the competition - postdoc

Date: 03.06.2019

The Jagiellonian University in Kraków invites applicants for postdoctoral position ("adiunkt") position in the project Deep uncertainties in bioethics: genetic research, preventive medicine, reproductive decisions (BIOUNCERTAINTY), funded by the European Research Council (ERC).

For the post of postdoctoral position may apply persons who fulfil the requirements stated in Article 113, 116 (2) (3) of the Act of 20th July 2018 Law on higher education and science, as well as in § 163 of the Statute of the Jagiellonian University, who meet the following qualification requirements:

  • - hold at least the academic degree of doctor or PhD has to be officially awarded before the date of competition settlement,
  • - their doctoral or habilitation thesis was given high grades,
  • - relevant academic achievements involving apart from doctoral thesis also other important works,
  • - active participation in academic life involving particularly presentations at conferences and symposiums,
  • - positive opinion of the head of department/chair or academic tutor on candidate’s qualifications and suitability for research,
  • - has at least one publication (published or accepted for publication) in an international peer-reviewed journal in the field,
  • - demonstrates an interest in the project topics (ethics, bioethics, philosophy of science, moral psychology etc.) and a readiness to engage in the realization of the project BIOUNCERTAINTY (no. 805498),
  • - good organisational skills, research independence, reliability, ability to keep deadlines,
  • - proficiency in English (proficiency of Polish is not necessary).

Candidates who apply for the post are required to file their application in “Centrum Administracyjnego Wsparcia Projektów UJ”, ul. Czapskich 4, room 118, 31-110 Kraków, the following documents:

  1. Application.
  2. Curriculum vitae.
  3. Personal questionnaire.
  4. Copy of doctoral diploma or habilitation diploma.
  5. Report concerning main research areas, scientific achievements of the candidate, as well as research plans related to the project BIOUNCERTAINTY (no more than 3 pages).
  6. List of publications (including publishing house and number of pages).
  7. Information regarding classes taught by a candidate, if applicable.
  8. Reviews of doctoral or habilitation thesis.
  9. Form of the latest interim evaluation, if a candidate was evaluated.
  10. Opinion of the head of department or academic tutor on candidate’s suitability and qualifications for research and teaching classes – including results of students’ questionnaires, if a candidate was assessed in this manner.
  11. Statement declaring that Jagiellonian University will be the basic place of employment in the case of being employed in the competition procedure.
  12. Statement – in accordance with Article 113 of the Act Law on higher education and science.
  13. Statement regarding acquaintance and acceptance of intellectual property rules as well as legal protection of intellectual property.
  14. Information regarding personal data processing.
  15. A scientific text (an article, a book, a chapter), that a candidate regards as her/his best (published or accepted for publication – in this second case, please attach a letter of acceptance issued by an editor or a publisher).

Competition commencement date: 30 May 2019.
Applications can be filed till: 30 June 2019. 

Decision regarding competition settlement shall be made till 30 September 2019.

Information about the position in Euraxess.

Jagiellonian University does not provide housing.