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Research Projects

Principal Investigator Title Duration Source of funding
    From Until  
dr Artur Gunia Bezpieczeństwo jako szósty zmysł - technologie wzmocnienia percepcyjnego, WYMIANA BILATERALNA NIEMCY 1.2022 12.2023 NAWA
dr inż. Bipin Indurkhya Rola wyjaśniania w tworzeniu zaufania w interakcji człowiek-robot, WYMIANA BILATERALNA AUSTRIA 1.2022 12.2023 NAWA
Dr Tomasz Żuradzki

Deep uncertainties in bioethics: genetic research, preventive medicine, reproductive decisions 

2019 2024 ERC Starting Grant
Dr Anna Tomaszewska Between Secularization and Reform. Religious Rationalism in the Late Seventeenth Century and in the Enlightenment 2019 2022 NCN, OPUS 16
Dr hab. Adam Chuderski The coupling of neuronal oscillations related to general perceptual resolution: Identification, exploration, stimulation. 2018 2023 NCN, SONATA BIS
Mgr Agnieszka Proszewska

Comparative analysis of structural representation methods. Case study: Ontic Structural Realism

2019 2021 NCN, Preludium 15
Dr hab. Jan Hauska

Dispositional properties, acceleration, and physical forces

2018 2020 NCN, Opus 13
Mgr Adrian Stencel

A philosophical analysis of fitness commensurability. Case study: Evolutionary transitions in individuality

2018 2020 NCN, Opus 14
Mgr Adrian Stencel

Reconceptualization of the foundations of population biology. Case study: host-microbes interactions

2018 2019 NCN, Etiuda 6
Dr hab. Adam Chuderski Neuro-logic: Oscillatory mechanisms of reasoning ability. 01.2016 12.2018 FNP, MISTRZ
Prof. dr hab. Leszek Sosnowski An online archive of the works of Roman Ingarden, an eminent Polish scholar. 12.2016 12.2018 MNiSzW, DIALOG
Adriana Mickiewicz Filozofia moralności Johna D. Caputo 11.2020 11.2024 DIAMENTOWY GRANT IX
Przemysław Zawadzki The "I" (Self) in the context of deep brain stimulation. Personal identity, authenticity, autonomy, and responsibility.  09.2017 09.2021 MNiSzW, DIAMENTOWY GRANT VI
Paulina Gurgul Philosophical accounts of the poetic imagination. On the thought of Gaston Bachelard. 12.2016 12.2020 MNiSzW, DIAMENTOWY GRANT V
Mgr Adrian Stencel What is a population? A Darwinian perspective 2015 2017 NCN, Preludium 8
Patrycja Kałamała Does bilingualism support cognitive control? An investigation of behavioral indicators and neural correlates.  09.2014 06.2017 MNiSzW, DIAMENTOWY GRANT III
Alicja Rybkowska The philosophical roots of the Avant Garde. 09.2014 09.2018 MNiSzW,  DIAMENTOWY GRANT III
Alicja Kowalczewska Margery Kempe. Mysticism and the problem of female subjectivity and sexuality in Middle Ages.  09.2015 09.2019 MNiSzW, DIAMENTOWY GRANT
Dr Tomasz Żuradzki Ethics, history, medicine: publishing English-language issues of Diametros.  08.2016 08.2021 MNiSzW, NPRH 4
Dr Tomasz Żuradzki The experimental philosophy lab: the normative implications of the identified victim bias.  04.2016 10.2019 MNiSzW, NPRH 4
Mgr Karol Wilczyński The conception of philosophy in the works of the early Arab thinkers.   10.2017 10.2019 NCN, Etiuda

Mgr Juliusz Doboszewski

Is general relativity deterministic? Some case studies. 10.2017 10.2019 NCN, Etiuda 5
Prof. dr hab. Tomasz Placek Space-time stories: the theory and applications.  03.2017 03.2019 NCN, HARMONIA 8
Prof. dr hab. Włodzimierz Galewicz Justice in healthcare.  08.2013 08.2018 NCN, MAESTRO 4
Dr Sonia Kamińska Mystical and rational readings of Aristotle's psychology with a particular focus on nous poietikos. 9.2016 02.2020 NCN, SONATA 10
Dr Michał Klincewicz The multimodal aspects of time perception. 02.2016 02.2020 NCN, SONATA 9
Dr Leszek Wroński Epistemic inaccuracy and the degrees of belief.  02.2016 08.2018 NCN, SONATA 9
Dr Anna Tomaszewska The Enlightenment ideas of the freedom of thought and conscience, and contemporary secularism.  07.2015 03.2018 NCN, SONATA 8
Dr Krzysztof Posłajko The varieties of mental anti-realism. 07.2015 07.2018 NCN, SONATA 8
Prof. dr hab. Tomasz Placek Real possibilities: what they are and how they are represented in physics  09.2017 08.2020 NCN, OPUS 12
Dr hab. Jerzy Gołosz Presentism and the notion of existence. 01.2017 01.2020 NCN, OPUS 11
Dr hab. Katarzyna Kijania-Placek Polysemic theory of proper names. 09.2016 08.2019 NCN, OPUS 10
Dr Magdalena Senderecka The influence of emotion on perceptual processing, response inhibition, and error monitoring. An event-related potential analysis.  06.2016 06.2019 NCN, OPUS 10
Dr Tomasz Żuradzki Statistical victims, normative uncertainty, luck: ethics and decision-making in the context of risk or uncertainty.  02.2016 01.2020 NCN, OPUS 9
Dr hab. Adam Chuderski Visual working memory mechanisms.  02.2016 02.2019 NCN, OPUS 9
Dr hab. Jan Kiełbasa The history of the development of the concept of will in the 5th to 13th centuries.  02.2015 02.2018 NCN, OPUS 7
Dr Natalia Anna Michna The notion of female experience and the problem of the feminist aesthetics.  03.2017 03.2020 NCN, PRELUDIUM 11
Mgr Jadwiga Guerrero van der Meijden The concept of the human person in the philosophical anthropology of Edith Stein and the Christian conception of the dignity of the human being.  02.2017 02.2019 NCN, PRELUDIUM 11
Mgr Stanisław Ruczaj What is faith? On the necessary and sufficient conditions of the emergence of religious beliefs.   03.2016 03.2018 NCN, PRELUDIUM 9
Mgr Aleksander Kopka The ethics and politics of mourning in the philosophy of Jacques Derrida. 04.2015 04.2018 NCN, PRELUDIUM 7