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June 2019

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A BIOUNCERTAINTY research seminar - a lecture by Jacob Stegenga (Cambridge)

Date: 06.06.2019
Start Time: 5:30 p.m.
Place: Institute of Philosophy, 52 Grodzka st., Roman Ingarden Lecture Hall (room no. 25)
Organiser: The Interdisciplinary Centre for Ethics at the Jagiellonian University

Dr Jacob Stegenga from the University of Cambridge, Departament of History and Philosophy of Science, will deliver a lecture on: "The Sciences of Sexual Desire”.



Sexual desire is the subject of numerous sciences. These sciences deploy a fantastic range of empirical methods and formulate numerous theories about its subject. However, critics - from constructivists to conservatives - claim that these sciences cannot teach us about the real nature of sexual desire. I attempt to develop a philosophical lens through which we can respect the lessons of these critics, yet still learn from the sciences of sexual desire.