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BIOUNCERTAINTY research seminar: dr Michał Białek - Intuitive utilitarianism: Hybrid model of moral judgements

Date: 12.12.2019
Start Time: 17.30
Place: 20191212

We have the pleasure to invite You for a research seminar in the ‘BIOUNCERTAINTY’ research project. The subject of the seminar is 'Intuitive utilitarism: Hybrid model of moral judgements' and it will be delivered by dr Michał Białek from the Kozminski University. The seminar will take place on Thursday, 12th of December, at 5:30pm in room 25 of the Institute of Philosophy, 52 Grodzka Street. Dr Michał Białek is working on biases in cognition, and its application to moral judgments, reasoning and intertemporal choices. The seminar will be held in Polish.