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Department of Polish Philosophy

Head of the Department

dr hab. Steffen Huber, Prof. UJ mail - s.huber<- @ ->


prof. dr hab. Marcin Karas  mail - karas<- @ ->
dr hab. Piotr Bartula, Prof. UJ mail - p.bartula<- @ ->

Ph.D Students

mgr Anna Czepiel
mgr Lech Majchrowski
mgr Agata Maksymczak-Tretter
mgr Ewa Pichola
mgr Grzegorz Słowiński
mgr Wojciech Piotr Rubiś
mgr Anna Żymełka-Pietrzak

Established by Professor Jan Skoczyński, the Department of Polish Philosophy conducts research in the area of Polish philosophy and intellectual history, in particular:
- Polish philosophy of the 19th and 20th centuries (Prof. Jan Skoczyński);
- philosophy of nature and metaphysics in the late Middle Ages (Prof. Marcin Karas);
- Polish and Western political thought and social philosophy as well as the philosophy of Polish romanticism (Dr. hab. Piotr Bartula);
- social philosophy and metaphysics of the early modern era (Dr. hab. Steffen Huber).

Current research project: Polonica Philosophica Orientalia. Philosophy in the Republic of Poland in the 16th to 18th centuries and the historiography of philosophy in Poland, Lithuania, Belarus, and Ukraine (NPRH 31H 17 0438 84, in the years 2018-2023).