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Pracownia Logiki / Department of Logic

We are the only university department in the world that has its own domain name suffix.

.pl obviously stands for Pracownia Logiki

Head of Department

dr hab. Piotr Łukowski, prof. UJ (piotr.lukowski<-at->

Emeritus Head

prof. dr hab. Andrzej Wroński (a.wronski<-at->

Academic staff

dr hab. Zalan Gyenis (zalan.gyenis<-at->

dr hab. Tomasz Kowalski, prof. UJ (tomasz.s.kowalski<-at->

dr Agnieszka Proszewska (associate) (agnieszka.proszewska<-at->

dr Adam Trybus (adam.trybus<-at->


dr Jerzy Hanusek (j.hanusek<-at->

dr Katarzyna Idziak (k.idziak<-at->

Doctoral students

mgr Krzysztof Krawczyk (krzysztof.krawczyk<-at->, works on structural completeness in Sugihara algebras. 

Noor Naddour, BA (n.naddour<-at->, works on proof theory of p-algebras.

dr Konrad Rudnicki (konrad.rudnicki<-at->, works on empirical psychology of logic of everyday thinking.

Diamant Pireva, MA (, works on van Benthem type theorems in infinitary modal logic. 


Our primary research interests are: Algebraic Logic, Model Theory, Philosophical Logic. We run a weekly seminar on Tuesday 11:30am. Each year we choose a "designated book", and if no-one has a new result to talk about, we read through the book. This year's book is Clifford Bergman Universal Algebra: Fundamentals and Selected Topics (ISBN-13: 978-1439851296).

Cracow Logic Conference (CLoCk) / Konferencja Historii Logiki

A new incarnation of the traditional Konferencja Historii Logiki. Its 68's instalment (LXVIII KHL) was held in June 2023. This year the conference will be a joint event with Trends in Logic celebrating 90 anniversary of Studia Logica, so, once only, its acronym will be CLoTiL24 (similarity to Clotilde, Queen of the Franks purely coincidental). Submissions to CLoTiL24 are now closed.

Basic courses we teach (in Polish)

Logika (dla filozofów) USOS  
Logika (dla socjologów) USOS  
Logika (dla kognitywistów) USOS Pegaz
Teoria mnogości (dla kognitywistów) USOS Pegaz
Wstęp do matematyki (dla kognitywistów) USOS Pegaz