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Cracow Workshops in Analytical Philosophy

Termin: 09.07.2017
Miejsce: Jagiellonian University Conference Centre in Przegorzały
Organizator: Institute of Philosophy of the Jagiellonian University in Kraków - Dr. K. Posłajko, P. Banaś, MA

Cracow Workshops in Analytical Philosophy

CWAP 2017 is the 2nd edition of workshop devoted to discussion on the main issues of contemporary analytical philosophy in a small but stimulating environment. The subject of this edition is the problem of philosophical analysis as the method of philosophical inquiry. Invited speakers: Christopher Daly (Manchester); Frank Jackson (ANU); Tadeusz Szubka (Szczecin); Esa Diaz-Leon (Barcelona).

Organizers: Section of Logical Rhetoric - Dr. Krzysztof Posłajko, Paweł Banaś, MA.

All information concerning editorial guidelines, deadlines, fees, programme, our speakers and venue will be available on our website on-line (www.2017.cwap.pl).



Data opublikowania: 03.07.2017
Osoba publikująca: Anna Tomaszewska