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Wykłady Jagiellońskiego Centrum Prawo-Język-Filozofia

Data: 12.12.2019
Czas rozpoczęcia: 17.30
Miejsce: sala 28
Organizator: Jagiellońskie Centrum Prawo-Język-Filozofia
Witryna internetowa wydarzenia:

Jagiellońskie Centrum Badawcze Prawo-Język-Filozofia wraz z Pracownią Retoryki Logicznej IF oraz Katedrą Teorii Prawa WPiA zapraszają na wykład prof. Franka Hindriksa z Uniwersytetu w Groningen pt. „Unifying Theories of Institutions: Conservation Versus Innovation”

abstrakt: To unify rival theories is to combine them into a single coherent framework. Two ways of doing so are reconciliation and integration. Reconciliation proceeds by adjusting their domains of application such that they cease to overlap. Integration requires modifying the original theories and forging new connections. The goal of the former is to preserve valuable insights from both theories (conservation); that of the latter to increase their explanatory power (innovation). In this paper, I ask when and, if so, why reconciliation is to be preferred to integration. To this end, I compare two unified theories of institutions: Philip Pettit’s Virtual Control Theory and the Rules-and-Equilibrium Theory that I have proposed elsewhere. The former is a reconciliation, the latter an integration. As it turns out, integration need not significantly distort the insights it combines, while reconciliation preserves them only for part of the domain. Furthermore, reconciliation leads to a drastic decrease in explanatory power. Because of this, integration is the more suitable method of theoretical unification – except when the phenomena to be explained are substantially more distinct than hitherto thought.