Visiting Fellowships, The Bednarowski Trust, Aberdeen, UK

Termin: 14.03.2015 - 24.04.2015
Miejsce: University of Aberdeen, UK, or another Scottish university
Organizator: The Bednarowski Trust
Kontakt: Prof. dr hab. Justyna Miklaszewski, Kierownik Zakładu Historii Filozofii

Visiting Fellowships in Philosophy, Aberdeen

The W. Bednarowski Trust proposes to offer again in 2015-16 three or more Visiting Fellowships, to enable philosophers in the Institute of Philosophy of the Jagiellonian University, Krakow, or other Polish universities, to visit the Department of Philosophy in the University of Aberdeen, or another Scottish university, during the academic year or possibly a combination of a visit to two places (mid-September 2015 – mid-June 2016). The visit will normally be for six weeks, but this may be varied by arrangement (see further below). The purpose of the scheme is to enable Polish philosophers to learn more about Philosophy in the English-speaking world, and to make contact with colleagues in the Department(s) which they visit. It would be desirable if there were a possibility of collaborative work being pursued subsequently.

The successful applicants will receive support (£300) towards their travel to and from Aberdeen, free self-catering accommodation (either a separate flat or a room in a shared flat, whichever is available) during their stay in Aberdeen, and a stipend of £120 per week to cover the costs of meals and other necessities. Study space and access to a computer (and to email and the internet) will be provided, whenever possible, in the Philosophy Department, and visitors will be able to use the University Library. A sum of up to £150 may be made available for a visit during their stay to another institution in Britain or for attending a conference while at Aberdeen or en route to or from Aberdeen.

An application should include
- a curriculum vitae and details of research interests;
- the name of an academic who can send to the secretary a confidential reference (who should be asked by the candidate to send this); and
- an indication of: the planned use to be made of the visit (details of some project the applicant has which will be assisted by the visit would be helpful), and possibilities the applicant sees of productive contact with one or more of the staff of the Aberdeen Philosophy Department  (or possibly cognate departments). (For details of staff and their research interests, including some retired staff still in Aberdeen, see a separate sheet, or the Department's web-page:

An application to visit for a period longer than six weeks may be considered, if there is good reason why a longer period would be desirable. An application for a shorter time may be considered if a six-week period poses a difficulty for an applicant or the particular project makes a shorter visit appropriate, though the Trust believes that in general a visit of at least six weeks is more likely to be fruitful.

In making awards, the Selection Committee will want to be assured that visitors will be scholars of good standing, with interests in areas which will ensure that their visits will be beneficial to Aberdeen University as well as to themselves. Preference will be given to visitors who share interests with some Aberdeen member or members.

Visits to other Scottish universities
The purpose of such a visit will be broadly similar to a visit to Aberdeen, as described above. An application for a visit will need to be supported by one or more appropriate member(s) of staff at the university in question; and the Trust will expect the department in question to be ready to arrange accommodation (for which the Trust will provide funds at a reasonable rate), and suitable study arrangements for the visitor. An applicant for such a visit should ensure that a letter of support for the proposed visit is sent to the Trust (address as below) from the proposed host institution, setting out the value that the visit is expected to have, and agreeing to arrange for the visitor's accommodation and academic needs. Otherwise what is required for the submission of the application is the same as above, including the need for an academic reference other than from the host institution.

Applications from staff at the Jagiellonian University should be submitted through Professor Justyna Miklaszewska, Institute of Philosophy in the Jagiellonian University, by Friday 17 April 2015, or directly by post or by email to the Trust Secretary at the address below, by Friday 24 April 2015.

All other applications should be submitted by post or by email to the Trust Secretary at the address below by Friday 24 April 2015.
Further information about the Trust or the Fellowships may be obtained from Professor Miklaszewska, or the Trust's Secretary, or on the Trust's website, at: (temporarily under construction).

Dr Nigel Dower, Secretary to the Trust, Department of Philosophy, University of Aberdeen, King's College, Old Aberdeen AB24 3UB Scotland, UK (email:

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