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Seminarium badawcze w ramach projektu BIOUNCERTAINTY: Konrad Rudnicki (University of Antwerp) „The Liar lied. Experimental investigation of the Liar paradox”

Data: 17.10.2019
Czas rozpoczęcia: 17.30
Miejsce: Instytut Filozofii UJ, s. 25
Organizator: Interdyscyplinarne Centrum Etyki UJ (INCET)

Seminarium dotyczyć będzie artykułu ,,Psychophysiological approach to the Liar paradox: Jean Buridan’s virtual entailment principle put to the test".

Abstrakt „The Liar lied. Experimental investigation of the Liar paradox”: A psychophysiological experiment was conducted to test the predictions of the virtual entailment principle proposed by Jean Buridan to resolve the Liar paradox. This principle states that every sentence in natural language implicitly asserts its own truth. Adopting this principle means that the Liar sentence is not paradoxical but false, because its content is contradictory to what is virtually implied. As a result, humans should perceive the Liar sentence the same way as any other false sentence. This solution to the Liar paradox received criticism for making ad hoc claims about the natural language. However, thanks to modern advancements in psychophysiology, it became possible to empirically investigate if the human brain really perceives the Liar sentence like a false sentence. We designed and conducted an experiment to examine brain activity in response to true sentences, false sentences and self-referential sentences (including the Liar and the Truthteller). Our results provide support for the Buridan’s hypothesis and show that the Liar sentence is processed by the human brain identically to false sentences, while the Truthteller sentence is perceived identically to true sentences. This agrees with predictions derived from the virtual entailment principle and supports the idea that humans think with the logic of truth—a logic for which the truth is a designated value of its adequate semantics.