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Termin: 08.06.2015
Miejsce: Instytut Filozofii, s. 25
Organizator: Zakład Kognitywistyki


Zakład Kognitywistyki Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego

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Krakow Cog.Sci. Symposia


 Do Ordinary People Believe Moral Judgments Are Objective?

Prof. James Beebe (State University of New York at Buffalo, USA)


poniedziałek, 8 czerwca 2015, godzina  16.00, s. 25

Instytut Filozofii UJ, Grodzka 52

James Beebe - Director, Experimental Epistemology Research Group/Member, Center for Cognitive Science / Web:http://www.buffalo.edu/~jbeebe2
I present the results of some studies on individuals in the U.S., Poland, China, and Ecuador, showing that their commitment to the objectivity of morality may be varied and flexible than philosophers have tended to assume. Their commitment varies from issue to issue and at different stages of their lives.


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