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kwiecień 2023

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Wykłady Jagiellońskiego Centrum Prawo-Język-Filozofia

Data: 06.04.2023
Czas rozpoczęcia: 17.45
Miejsce: sala 28
Organizator: Jagiellońskie Centrum Prawo-Język-Filozofia
Witryna internetowa wydarzenia:

Jagiellońskie Centrum Badawcze Prawo-Język-Filozofia wraz z Instytutem Filozofii oraz Katedrą Teorii Prawa WPiA zapraszają na wykład prof. Pedra Moniza Lopesa (Universidade de Lisboa), p.t. “Generics, Indeterminacy and Superordinate Level Actions”

Wykład odbędzie się we wtorek 6 kwietnia 2023 r. o godzinie 17.45, pok. 28 ul. Grodzka 52 oraz na platformie Teams:

 Teams on April 06, 2023 (Thursday, 17:30 GMT+1)


This paper intends to take on inspiration from Claudio Luzzati’s «Principi e principi» and «Elogio dell’indifferenza. La genericità scarnificata» to pursue the rooting of the logical distinction between rules and principles on genericity. Genericity is a puzzling concept. We start with some conceptual apparatus together with basic explanations required to discuss the several theories of generics. Subsequently, some possible logical formalizations and linguistic explanations of generic sentences are reviewed. Some preliminary conclusions regarding generic sentences in assertive speech are then transposed to the directive speech, mainly with the outlining of the structure of propositions over legal principles. Lastly, it is concluded, on the basis of some previous distinctions, that principles are norms endowed with a specific type of defeasibility, one which is different from that of rules.