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maj 2023

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Wykłady Jagiellońskiego Centrum Prawo-Język-Filozofia

Data: 16.05.2023 - 18.05.2023
Czas rozpoczęcia: 17.30
Miejsce: online
Organizator: Jagiellońskie Centrum Prawo-Język-Filozofia
Witryna internetowa wydarzenia:

Jagiellońskie Centrum Badawcze Prawo-Język-Filozofia wraz z Instytutem Filozofii oraz Katedrą Teorii Prawa WPiA zapraszają na dwa wykłady prof. Genovevy Martí (ICREA [Institució Catalana de Recerca i Estudis Avançats] i Universitat de Barcelona) pt. “Conceptual engineering, semantic tolerance and flexibility” i "The semantics of natural kind terms. A critical reflection on experimental and theoretical issues"


​Wykłady odbędą się odpowiednio

we wtorek 16 maja 2023 r., o godz 17.30 w sali 110 na Brackiej 12

“Conceptual engineering, semantic tolerance and flexibility" (with Lorena Ramírez-Ludeña, Universitat Pompeu Fabra)

There is a real question as regards what conceptual engineering consists in, what it means to engineer concepts, and what the aims, motivation and targets of conceptual engineering are.In this sense, conceptual engineering is remindful of cases in which there are some clear examples of a phenomenon (and some clear non-examples), but the final definite characterization of the phenomenon is still under dispute. In this paper we hope to provide more tools for reflection by examining some cases and raising questions as to whether they can be coherently understood as cases of conceptual engineering and if so why. We discuss two semantic phenomena that are particularly important when they affect the interpretation of the law. We examine their relation to conceptual engineering, and we discuss some social and moral aspects that alert to some of the perils of prolific engineering.


w czwartek 18 maja 2023 r., o godz. 17.45, sala 28, Grodzka 52

“The semantics of natural kind terms. A critical reflection on experimental and theoretical issues”

The approach to natural kinds and to the semantics of natural kind terms defended by Kripke and Putnam has been discussed, objected to, and defended, since it was proposed in the early 70’s. The discussion of the Kripke-Putnam model has taken another turn as of recent with the publication of some studies by experimental philosophers (some of them conducted in collaboration with psychologists) on biological kind terms. My purpose is to discuss critically some of the theoretical assumptions and some of the conclusions presented in recent studies performed by experimental semanticists.

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